WP – Plugins For Your Business Updated for 2022

Updated: August 7, 2022


WordPress Plugins Introduction

WordPress has been around for over 15 years and in that time the product has served to provide folks with blogs, websites and ecommerce stores. Word press is a free and open source CMS or content management system. For programmers WP has also become the defacto standard for providing tiny programs that can make your website, blog or commerce site exceptional.

Please be sure to read this blog post twice, because the important point here is that “making money online” is serious and hard. But it is not impossible to become a one hit wonder for years in the running either.

Word Press Plugin

To manage your word press site, you need software that will help you get leads, make sales and provide the needs and the desires of your niche. To do that, you will need word press plugins which are programs that give you and your site the missing piece. Provided for you below are FREE plugins that you can download.

Yes, you can download these plugins. Now, lets get serious.




Once you understand how to download and install a plugin- your world will change. The plugins below solve common problems you may or may not have with regards to making money online. For example, you may have a problem collecting leads- thus a lead capture plugin would be helpful.

You will find a few below. You may be interested in an autoresponder- a plugin below would be helpful. You might want to poll your subscribers- a plugin below would be helpful.

So, don’t wait.

Download Your Plugin

Download your most desired plugin below. Don’t worry these are all FREE to use no obligation plugins. Popup – This is the most interesting plugin and the most desired niche plugin you will need. The objective of a popup is to convince the customer of providing their email address and name in exchange for something of value in the form of a video, cheat sheet or other unique digital file.

Popup Maker



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