WinSCP FTP Secure SFTP Client Product Review Updated for 2022

Updated: January 17, 2022

What is WinSCP?

Before we discuss WinSCP, understand that here we endorse and use as much as we can Open Source products and for several good reasons. Most of the product we use have been in use for several years and that means that not only are the products stable but more and more new features badly needed have been added. WinSCP is such a product. WinSCP is a SFTP, FTP open-source free (Windows Secure Copy) client. Its primary purpose is to enable Windows users to operate in secure environments just like the big boys but without all of the high costs associated with keeping systems safe from a commercial point of view. WinSCP operates on files, allowing webmasters to do some interesting things with them.

Our Review Focus

While WinSCP is open source, that means when there is a problem the product is fixed rather quickly. The product has various characteristics build into the product that you will most likely see in high end very expensive products on the market today. WinSCP integrates with Putty and it is keyboard-interactive. The visual interface can look like Windows File Explorer or more so like a product called Norton Commander. WinSCP can act just like an remote text editor and it can also transfer large file rather quickly.


Installation of WinSCP is rather easy. Scripting on the other hand can be difficult which is why we have focused on this product. For a very long time, this product has been used to not only move file, but copy and delete them where needed. The use of additional 3rd p[art product has made WinSCP very reliable and wonderful to work with. That means that the part most people see and desire is the automation portion of the product. Imagine, WinSCP preforming some task in the middle of the night or early morning. Upon the completion of the task an email message is sent directly to your cell phone. This is something that most reader will have to see for them selves to get an idea how WinSCP will benefit your environment.

Automation in 2021

Webmasters and systems administrators who monitor, update and run several blogs will tell you when it comes to multiple sites, automation becomes very important and vital to the success of in the cloud systems. Take for example backups. Not only is there a word press plugin readily available for backing up a website but at the same time, WinSCP can be responsible for downloads and uploading files as needed on task and on schedule.

Product Price



WinSCP has tons of support available on line and via email. Because there are tons of options and not every organization utilize the software the same way, WinSCP has become the de~facto standard for itself as the best tool, covering a wide variety of uses as the first tool right out of the box. And for the cost, WinSCP will continue to be the well balanced took for both internal and external business and personal use.

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While WinSCP was put through its paces, it was demonstrated by the help facility system that not only can you use scripting languages with WinSCP, but there is built inside the product a script generation feature for folks who do not want to re-invent the wheel. While experimenting with the software, we discovered that the scripting language used by WinSCP will intentionally disconnect communications with the WinSCP client, making it difficult to troubleshoot. Our team set about developing a tool thanks to our friends at Fiverr. Not only did a new tool come out of working extensively with WinSCP, but there were some additional break throughs which make working with WinSCP easier. The mileage from these new tools and training will help the solo entrepreneurs who prefer to do it along will get a chance to break into computer automation, the vey essences of getting things done today.

Now, if you are thinking about giving WinSCP a test drive or would like to consider replace FileZilla- go ahead and test drive today.

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WinSCP has been around since 2000. While there are plenty of products similar to WinSCP, a few of the features are not applicable to every organization. For the cost of security and the use factor, because WinSCP is relatively new the slew of members who use this product on a monthly basis continues to grow. The interface is very easy to understand and not every business or individual will use all of the features it has to offer. WinSCP is a super cool product and by all means give this product your best test ride in discovering just how unique this product is.

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