Product Review: WP Video Polls by Matthew McDonald Updated for 2024

Last Updated: May 13, 2024

WP Video Polls by Matthew McDonald

They tell me it is very hard and not wise to utilize Mailchimp because of various reasons, of which may or may not be true. However, there is one more reason you may want to think again. The number one rule in email marketing is to communicate with your customer or client just as you would your best friend. From the school of hard knocks, and that road was rough! It’s not easy, but it can be done with a little more effort. Customers and clients are eager to read emails for the fear of missing out and when you are an inventory, a teller of tall tails in the earnest effort of being on the look out for your customers, this gem is your life saver.

Its difficult to pull information from customers and clients. Its like pulling teeth and its no joke- pulling teeth is a job. However, its easier when you have something that makes the process less harder, but enjoyable in a way. One way to do that is with this new software program for Word Press by Matthew McDonald- its called WP Video Polls. Now as you read my product review, keep in mind what this product will do and just for reading the entire review, I have a bonus tip that no one has never written about. So enjoy.

Are you looking for a way to engage and interact with your audience on your WordPress website? Look no further than WP Video Polls, the ultimate plugin for creating interactive video polls.

With WP Video Polls, you can easily create polls using your own videos. Simply select your video, add your poll questions and answers, and customize the appearance of your poll interactive buttons. We certainly wish that it integrated with email systems, but that is not the case.

And the best part? WP Video Polls is incredibly easy to use. Even if you have no coding experience, you’ll be able to create professional-looking polls in no time. The plugin also comes with step-by-step instructions and video tutorials to help you get started. But lets not leave out that with this product, there comes a product portal where all of your warez with Matthew McDonald are housed, complete with additional videos and offerings.

So why wait? Start engaging with your audience and building your email list today with WP Video Polls. With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, it’s the ultimate tool for creating interactive video polls on your WordPress website.

Now, for those of you who do not wish to show your face, here is an exciting tip that works like a charm. But first, let me give you an example. The biggest problem when making a video is getting the customer or prospect attention. Some marketers begin by saying Attention Internet Marketers- because the audience are Internet Marketers. But what if they are not marketers at all. Then another CALL to ATTENTION is required. Tell people this in a loud voice. STOP what you are doing right now! Go on to explain what you have for them etc. etc. Now, for folks that do not show their face on video, one exciting way to spruce up your video is to add music to your background. In other words, your are showing a power point presentation, and then there is your voice- well play some background mood buying music in the background.

Try recording with music and your voice, and then without the music- just your voice. We did and everyone agrees- the music in the background really makes the video all that more exciting all without showing your face on video. Well, as promised- I have delivered this wonderful tip. Now, you are at a cross roads. Should you buy WP Video polls or keep on going without knowing or having a clue what customers and prospects really want? Get this products, it is inexpensive, it works and your clients will enjoy answering any questions you ask of them. There is something about seeing who their fellow man responded that makes this the best experience use for anyone.


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