Product Review: TikTok Pinterest Traffic Generation Utility PinTraGen Updated for 2024

Last Updated: May 13, 2024

Pinterest Assistant copy Paste Software | PinTraGen

We review a lot of income generating systems and this method with software looks promising when used correctly. This is one blog post where I would ask that you book mark because this review will certainly get revised.


PinTraGen is a traffic generator software assistant. To be more specific, the software uses TikTok videos and Pinterest together to make powerful Pins that generate lots of SEO traffic. This utility program also as an added benefit  makes generating  traffic on pinterest easier and faster. 

Before we look at the video of this product in action, let’s address the big elephant in the room. Most of you reading this review are non Pinterest users, so listen up. If you are familiar with Pinterest you know it is a search engine. Now, without the argument- it’s not a social network. Pinterest uses something called Pins. These are visual pictures like squares when clicked on will take you to the designated destination. 

Pinterest has a search bar that will enable you to search for a specific niche or subject matter, just like google or amazon why Pinterest is in partnership with. The PINS inspire, provide information and so much more. Pinterest monitors all Pins on the platform, reports and algorithms are generated based on the actions of some of the Pins. Users are encouraged to save PINS for later review and another component called boards is utilized to further categorize, manage and organize your activity. Now the elephant description presented here is all speculation, only the Pinterest engineers can intelligently tell you exactly how their platform works. What you have here is more guesswork as opposed to actual working principles. 

Guessing keeps the Pinterest platform members serious about discovering how it actually works, with some members being successful in training the platform to bend to their will with their business account. Of course there are rules and specifications about the pins, their use, their size, with discovery elements and what you can and can not do on the platform.

Now that I have partially explained the Pinterest platform, the rest of what you learn about Pinterest will be on your own terms.

So, Pinterest uses PINS and these Pins have to be generated somehow. The most popular program called Canva can be used to generate Pins by hand. The biggest problem associated with traffic is generating the thing Pinterest needs is content. Pinterest need lots of new content and the new content gets the traffic according to the pinterest algorithm at this moment, if that makes sense.

PinTraGen is a software utility that is used with TikTok to generate traffic on Pinterest. The PIN being made on Pinterest is called an Idea Pin. The objective in a nutshell is to use existing content (a video – a TikTok less than 90 second) video where we repost our selected video (in our niche) onto Pinterest. Please understand that for the sake of being brief a few specifics are being left out, but no worries because PinTraGen was inspired based on the video you should watch as it describes in detail the entire strategy and process.

Here is our story:

There are lots of videos on YouTube that describe traffic generation, but most of them really leave out a lot of detail. The video here in my opinion was not just interesting, but the process step by step was detailed enough that anyone can do this. There is the infrastructure you must build once, but after that is built- the process then requires making Ideal Pins in your niche a few times during the day. The Pins you make will cause Pinterest to seek out people to look at the video pins. The message on the video will inspire people to check out what you have to offer. Some will take up your offer, which is called convert and that will result in a commission for you which of course is money in your pocket.

Following the steps in the video is pretty easy, but when using a windows notepad that software which is used to keep notes will disappear or not co-operate properly. This one thing as well as the left click copy and the the right click paste is enough to drive you nuts. 

You spend a lot of time doing the copy and paste thing which is the number one problem.

Its not a problem, its a drag.

It is a drag working with different programs of caliber for which PinTraGen solves, in addition to making everything one button copy and paste as opposed to using notepad with an open straight forward interface. PinTraGen compartmentalized your information, making it easy to understand what’s next. This software is a game changer, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Lets save the hype and watch the video to see this little gem in action.

Training Video – Inspirational Video

PinTraGen In Action | In The Beginning

Follow Up Software – Part #1

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Follow Up Software – Part #2

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Follow Up Software – Part #3

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Thank You | Beta Testers

Comments to those of you who have reached out. We certainly hope that you have received the software and are using it. Every now and again, a new change has been added. The help button will provide you with more news and information if you have not figured that out already. More videos to come.



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