Product Review: SiteSpinner Pro – Web Design Studio Professional Edition Updated for 2024

Last Updated: May 26, 2024

What is Site Spinner?

Web Design Studio Professional is everything you need to create a professional, high quality website. Design, publish, host, and promote your website quickly and easily, without having to hire a web developer or learn HTML.

SiteSpinner Pro - Web Design Studio Professional Edition

It is easy to get started! You can start from scratch or use one of many professionally-designed templates inside the product and use the Design Toolbar and drag-and-drop design interface to make even complex layout changes quickly. You can create a truly rich experience for your website visitors by adding interactive animation and special effects.

You can even import media files for a customized site. With Web Design Studio Professional, designing a site for your audience is simplistic.

Now one thing that I did not mention and at this time, it has become ultra important. The fact is, this software is for a Windows computer. Sorry, but the Mac computer is not supported. As a matter of fact, here on Mailjam Digital Review, we only review Windows computer software for which I will only mention that here.

My Site Spinner Pro Experience

Fiver years ago there were very few good page builders on the market except Microsoft front page which I enjoy a lot but the product was expensive and not supported as it should have been. But at the time it was slick like butter. Later Microsoft got out of the game and other products hit the market that were less expensive and time consuming. About that time I found a product called site spinner. It was used primarily to build websites and while the websites were simple it did the job very easily. The product was well advanced and nearly guaranteed to do the job.

How much did Site Spinner Pro cost?

A few years ago, the product cost around $150 and at that price while expensive it was well worth it. This is a windows software you install on your computer. The files are lightweight and the software is very easy to use complete with internal tutorial training by chapter and again very easy to use. You will of course need a hosted website. Nothing has changed today, except the price.

Where can I buy Site Spinner Pro?

To kindly answer the question, all you have to do is go to Now further research may yield the developer’s website, but why go there when ebay is really the place ya gotta go! I purchased Site spinner three times. Here is a hint as to why I purchased the product three times. Quote “Do Not Lose your License Key”.

Tell us about the programmer?

The programmer who wrote the software decided to sail around the world with his family living on a sailboat as the story goes and continue to do so till today. The software is no longer being sold at your big box stores but mostly on several websites and eBay. The cost of the product is way way more reasonable depending on the version you buy but the product is still the same and reasonable enough. I bought the product three times because I kept losing the product key. I will provide a link of the product on eBay for you.

What if you know HTML already?

After learning html enough to be dangerous and helpful for my personal web master needs I discovered I could use the product nearly anywhere and I could also build squeeze pages easily. The product has several tutorials built in and one of them teaches you how to capture name and email addresses so as to build a list without an Autoresponder.

Later I learned how to use site spinner to make my own option pages with any Autoresponder I choose and the formula is undocumented which I loved. For your email address I share my knowledge and more. Site spinner along with word press get along but the two are different so anything in addition to my word press site compliment my website.

Recent Site Spinner Pro experiences?

Recently I wanted to utilize the html code for my new Autoresponder but to do so would require I learn an API and that’s hard for me but I could do it when I have enough time but I really needed to build funnels today and not tomorrow. I sat down to do it and within a week I now command the squeeze page. And sales page and opt in page and more. Thus I would encourage you to check out some of the products I have created because of my tenacity for not giving up.

Why play with this page builder?

My website specializes in passive income and the spinner page builder introduces a new kind of file (sitespinner.ims). Do not let the (.ims) scare you, this is an opportunity to present something that has never been done today. But more on that later.

As you know digital products are really all about delivering solutions of a file type to customers and spinner delivers. The new file delivers a ready made solution that I made that solves a problem and provides customers with a ready made template that’s perfect. GUI and no HTML to learn, yet easy and gets the job done.

Now, the solution could be a mini website template or a new sales page and or just about anything site spinner can make. My most recent solution was a template that generates leads by providing customers a pdf of a blog post they can review later for the exchange of their email address allowing me to grow my list very fast. Now I have a template I can sell or use as an exchange thus growing my business on the continued promise of growing a passive income on autopilot. This means I have just created a new never before distributed product and for customers that know me and the work that I do, will easily fall for giving this new product a try. I know they will be pleasantly surprised at the quality and ease of use, this solution is.

Adding audio files as opposed to videos?

Today I have even gone so far as to connect to all my traffic using my voice in the form of an audio presentation where needed which by the way increases my conversions without me having to make and edit a video which can take hours to complete.

Site spinner makes creating additional pages easy and quick without wasting time and I can test an idea very fast. If you are in doubt then be sure to watch my website and join my lists to see how I utilize site spinner to build the kind of environment that is unique and inviting but more importantly is functional and rich, all inside my website and my marketing materials.

The most frequently asked question?

After the initial release of this blog post I was asked what was the most popular and fun thing I like to do with site spinner. That question opened a lot of memories for me because the software is very flexible and can do things very difficult for other page builders. Because I have a good handle on adding the email field and name field on a form I love converting old high converting squeeze pages into modern day and replicated opt in forms. It’s now so easy to do that I have a collection of sales pages I have bundled together that are unique and easy for anyone who buys site spinner and loads the software with their copies. You can test the opt in pages without a website or online WordPress site. Afterwards you can put your modified version on to your very own WordPress site making sure you connect your Autoresponder to the op in form. All of the emails will be dumped into your Autoresponder.

Once you see how this works and the flexibility and creativity you have you will have the power others wish they had. Site spinner generates its own html language which is no different than the html language you may or may not know. Site spinner makes it easy to work with html because the gui (graphical user interface) is what you see is what you get and it’s object oriented making it a pleasure to move objects, copy and paste objects along with changing colors and dragging lines and circles. You can also add media like YouTube videos and sound files graphics files like pictures very easily with pinpoint accuracy. The visual aspect ratio can also be found inside the software making it easy for your project to display web pages for desktop and cell phone and tablet screens automatically. For those folks that like to code you are free to utilize the code objects opportunity to add html to your site spinner gui. Many of you will find it interesting that this little gem can do so much. So I would encourage you to purchase your own copy and try it out. The cost will be well worth it.

Site Spinner HTML generated code?

How does the html generated web files get copied to the word press system? Built inside the site spinner is a ftp client that handles moving and overwriting file on the web server. When you install site spinner the next step after installation is entering an email address and then a password. Each page you design in site spinner is uploaded to your webserver, overwriting the previous files the system allows you to upload either a specific page or all of the pages. The web file structure is no different than the normal existing structure. What unusual undocumented feature does it offer?

Did I mention you can replicate a website?

Well that is not the undocumented feature. Buy yes, you can easily replicate a basic website. Recently, I have been replicating old squeeze pages, by adding some new life to them. Making squeeze pages, landing pages and such more modern by changing the fonts and adding graphic art.

But get this?

The undocumented feature is that you can screen capture the whole or a size of your choice an image or text by screen capture which captures your choice into memory. You can then paste that image onto your site spinner canvas and bingo your capture will appear. What that means is you have the ability to gram anything on screen and use it as you see fit in your website design. No other page builder can do this as I have tried quite a few and this is the first test that I preform to see if this one feature that as I said is undocumented works and none that I have tried could brining me back to site spinner every time.

Now if you are not sure or would like to see site spinner perform this trick be sure to send me your email address or simply keep following my use of site spinner right here. Did I mention that using site spinner pro with a word press website is ideal?

Give it a try, you will be glad that you did.


Site Spinner Pro – Teams up with Moosend

First of all what is Moosend and how does it team up with Site Spinner Pro?

Moosend is an email marketing automation software. I like to call it one of the best autoresponders on the market that is easy to use, has excellent automation and will help you grow your customer base very easily. The product is straightforward, easy to use, integrates and the performance is excellent. You will find just as I did the system in intuitive, easy to use and more importantly, I had problems on the weekend- the staff and help is available 24/7 which I can attest to. Their help is very helpful and will answer your questions and present information you would think would be easily found online. Well, that’s what the live help desk folk are for.



Team up?

Moosend has some very good opt-in templates built inside to get you started and the newsletter templates are really impressive. Recently, I needed to up my game by going back to basics and decided that the templates in Moosend were not cutting it. I did some research and discovered that Optinmonster was exactly what I wanted, but the monthly cost was prohibited at the time. Additionally, this is no way to start the day with my relationship with Moosend by recommending an outside product with a huge monthly obsession.

Other autoresponders!

There are so many other autoresponders out there that deserve mentioning here, and they are Mailjet, Convert kit and Mailjam which are no longer available. But just the same, these all operate in a similar manner, especially when we talk about and work with automation. One additional observation is that these all integrate or team up with Site Spinner Pro very well. When is why I really needed to be sure I could fulfill my design goals without learning HTML, but by using Site Spinner Pro. Sure enough I was correct.

Professional Design with no skills?

SiteSpinner can be integrated with Moosend and here is how. Let’s look at the optin forms available inside Moosend. They are very basic which is very nice, but what if you wanted to jazz up your squeeze page, adding some graphics or moving things around the way you see fit. Well, just as I discovered with Mailjet and Convert kit, it can be difficult which is why a page builder becomes necessary or a requirement. Now if you do not understand where this is going, let me demonstrate for you by showing you a few designs that offer the solutions I was looking for.

The bottom line is, you can integrate the Name and Email fields into Site spinner, thus using the GUI to build a much better squeeze page or landing page as you desire without learning HTML which is something that caught my immediate attention. I have to admit that I have limited design skills but if you asked me to draw a picture of an apple, I can replicate it easily inside Site spinner which is why Moosend and Site Spinner have become best friends in my opinion, yet few people will know and understand this relationship unless they see and I continue to report its existence.

Building something different or unique?

At the time, I needed a new web portal for distribution and use by customers and by creating my very own using site spinner I could sell the final collection of designs as personalized digital products. Of course it would take just a few weeks for people to understand that flexibility and how creative one can be all without having to learn html.

One cool observation?

One thing that I failed to add is how the connections line up with my objective of creating something very different and new? Well, the reason I needed this portal front was to collect email addresses and I wanted something different and new, something that I generated. As functional as the portal is, once you enter just your EMAIL address in this case- the information is added to the right list. So, integration is a success. My ability to design something totally different was successful and all around, I have something that is unique enough that people will want to buy. In my review of MooSend I never talked about the cost of the product, or how you can utilize this autoresponder for free? Well, let me explain. At the time, these are and continue to be very well known facts that tend to change over time and I encourage everyone to do the homework, thus- there was no need to discuss how to save pennies and dimes. That sort of stuff usually works its way out of the equation. But as you can see- this could not be created inside of MooSend.

Here we have a vey good example of teamwork. Click the artwork and take a look at the portal yourself. If you are a pinterest fan and most of my readers are, this portal should give you some inspiration for creating something much more unique. For right now, this is just the beginning for me, the possibilities again are endless.


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