Product Review: Flipbooks Updated for 2024

Last Updated: April 20, 2024

Flipbooks Review

Flipbooks Sales Page

A few weeks ago I purchased a new product. It’s called flipbooks. Now before I buy anything I like to use YouTube as a research tool to discover just how a product works, understand it’s functionality and how well the product stands up to the scrutiny of the beholder or reviewer. After reading several reviews I was really, really satisfied and resolved in my decision.

When you purchase this product via my link you will receive my eBook called 2023 Flipbooks Supreme, where I show you undocumented tips and tricks. its my way of saying thank you and I really enjoy using the product. The product really got away with me because I had some basic ideas for using the product, but when I really implement my ideas, one thing lead to another and the formation of the this book appeared.

That is until I read my very last review. Please excuse my observation but I disagreed with a reviewer and that disagreement lead me to write the FlipsBooks Supreme. In this eBook I document what I found are some key uses for FlipsBooks and I also discovered how to add my own little touches that make my products stand out.

Clearly the product demonstrated the solution, to a clearly visible problem. Now you would think that the sales page for the product would profusely outline its use, the benefits and features. Sure enough the sales page did. The sales page did a good job of informing the buyer or the readers of what this product was all about.

Get this. The sales page also, indicated who the product is likely for. Now I understand completely why its so important to have the inferences of other reviewers to talk about new products, what their purpose is and why the product is better than sliced bread. I was not happy because, I have seen this behavior before. Imagine putting in hours of your time as a digital product developer, designing the perfect product as the solution. The product operates exactly as advertised.

Infuriated, I set about looking at this product in detail along with other products that have the same, more or less functionality. As a matter of fact, I just came across a new flipbooks product that has some wonderful, never thought of features I would love to have at my fingertips. Not that I am dissatisfied with what I have, but with those added touches- I could do more of this and more so of that. When I get ahold of a product, I put it through my paces.

Lastly, I have to point out that creating a digital product is very hard. Anyone who says that its not hard, is lying. If you think about it some of the best digital products were those that obviously solve a problem but in a unique and different way. Product developers put in their heart and soul in creating something that helps people and not just for themselves in some cases but their audiences.

The accolades we get and that huge thanks, can’t say enough for us who finally get validation that the thing we created helps people. One thing is for sure and I am pretty sure the audiences knows, what I am about to say. There is always going to be a critic, but what’s really horrible is that the reviewer never understood the why. Not just for this product, but if you looked at or investigated other products- she should have at least gotten it. That’s the whole point. There was nothing to be sad about the products performance, there was nothing about the software crashing or any of that, the whole idea from the reviewer was the product never going to meet their expectations because she just did not have a use case.

Flipbook is a very yet inexpensive valuable product. It really does helps customers and audiences touch specific products in oh so many ways. Now, this process of reviewing eBooks by looking inside them is well known on amazon KDP (kindle direct publishing). Heck, without that eBook reader inside, books may not have sold as often or as many.

Flipbook Features

The following features were those that caught my attention. Flipbooks is a hosted application, so what that means is your books are uploaded to a server. From there the book is generated and ready for use.

  • Professional & Fully Cloud-Based Platform
  • User-Friendly Flip Books Creator Software
  • Sell Unlimited Flipbooks
  • Unlimited One-Click Download
  • User-Friendly Flip Books Creator Software
  • No Special Skills or Experience Required
  • Embed Flipbooks On Your Website

Flipbook Introductory Price

The price of the introductory product was too good to pass up and down and so I bought the product during the launch period. I immediately tried the product and I loved that the product worked flawlessly.

Flipbook Functionality In Trouble

A few days later a viral feature of the product stopped working properly and I contacted support. I put in a ticket explaining the problem and within a few days the problem was resolved by the programmer of the software who contacted me directly and personally asked me about how I felt about the support I was receiving and that the problem would be resolved shortly. As I slept the problem was resolved when I tried using it the next day.

I continued to work with the product and made a few discoveries and then decided to not only write a review but to offer a cheat of ideas of just how useful flipbooks really are. Understand that the sales page providers lots of information about the product but the sales page is selling not only the product but the comparison of flipbook to the likes of others flipbook like products that you can not buy but rather rent on a monthly basis when of course clearly flip books a less known product with simply a few of the features of five of the best contenders available today.

Flipbooks Learning HTML

When I began to use flipbooks one of the features for me was using the generated flipbook code for use on my WordPress site. But what I really liked was that I could also use the code on a page builder, a stand alone webpage where I Al have full html control. Is learning HTML required? The answer to that question is no.

Now most people refuse to learn html but for me and my ideal use of flipbooks it became apparent flipbook has immediately exceeded my expectations. You can adjust the html code if you wish, which is easy. In doing sap I can control the height and width presentation as I choose.

The flipbook presented a display pdf in an online book enclosure, a simulated book with pages and animated page turns. The content of the book can not only be that of a pdf but images or text similar to what you would find in the form of a long worded report or novel.

I saw value in flipbooks and have since utilized it to create a visual presentation of how customers may get a preview of my eBook products and reports that I sell. Amazon kindle utilizes a flipbook like animation which gives customers a glimpse inside kindle books. If you are familiar with their flipbook you will recall on the right side of the book the verbiage “look inside” with an arrow showing you where to click. Well flipbook does not have this annotation so I created one for myself and have also created different skins giving my customers an enhanced look in appearance to my products thus making them even more attractive.


Flipbooks created by Akshat Gupta and Jaideep Bishnoi are not the only products these two partners have created. Here is a full list of products to their credit:

RecipeSites – World’s First Food & Recipe Website Creator App
MazeMaker 2.0 – Cloud Based Puzzle And Maze Creator App
BacklinkMaker – World’s First Real HQ Backlink Creator & SEO APP
MazeMaker – Cloud Based Puzzle & Maze Creator Tool
eBookMaker – Cloud Based eBook & Article Creator Tool
VidMoto – Create Unlimited Breathtaking Videos With AI Technology
GameJam – Unique Gaming Affiliate Site Creator + 100 Inbuilt Gam
DoodleCreator – World’s First AI Based Doodle Creator Platform
CartoonMaker – World’s First AI-Based 3D Cartoon Maker Tool
RankEzy – World’s First Unlimited Real Backlink Creator App

Its time to make a buying decision and after me explaining what the product does and I also demonstrate the product its everyday use, when you purchase Flipbooks I will include my new product called 2023 FlipBooks Supreme. I sat about documenting what I found are some very interesting things about the product, but I also managed to customize it without having to write a single line of computer code. After making your purchase simply contact us via our contact us page on this website and we will be sure your product is delivered as promised.




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