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Last Updated: May 6, 2024

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Pin Generator SAS

Greetings and welcome to my product review of Pin Generator. I am pretty sure you are wondering what is SAS. It stands for Software as a Service. (SAS). Not that, SAS is out of the way, let me continue on.

What is a software program called Pin Generator do?

Pin Generator is a SAS, software as a service. It works by generating pinterest pins for your products, and it auto-fills pin titles, descriptions and outbound links- so you will spend less time on the computer performing this process manually. The automation part of the program is that it will schedule your pins to pin on various boards at the specific time that you specific, so you do not have to be at your computer 24/7. Now, as for traffic. Pin Generator assist you by making the process of generating traffic easy. The traffic is the Pins generated and the activity BY you and by people who see them, enables more eyeballs to see pins or your pins. People click on the pins and are taking to the destination inside the pin. This, I hope as it was explained to me- traffic in a bottle.

I really never gave the idea that Pin Generator was an employee. An employee that YOU program to make pins and preform all of the pinning for you at all hours of the day or night if you choose. I also know that, employees can be expensive. Take for example a media manager who would typically under contract do this same work. The cost in some cases would be a tab too much, so you can’t justify the costs. But now you can! In this review I will continue to discuss Pin Generator, but more importantly- let me tell you this. There are two things you got to do before you Try Pin Generator. If you have already signed up and are using Pin Generator, click the button below to get my two step by step things you got to do! Its not too late.

Automation software such as Pin Generator is nothing new.

As a matter of fact, there are other solutions out there, but this solution is something different and brand new. Additionally, because the product is so new- your suggestion of the program being designed to do this and the other thing, is highly and most likely heard. In other words, the programmer (Ollie Boyershas) is most likely to implement your suggestion quickly because it simply makes perfect sense as opposed to having your request go through various channels until your suggestion is finally approved and implemented, next year.

I worked for a company and they were really interested in suggestions for improvements and of course any suggestion was welcomed. The only problem was, if you made a suggestion, it would get approved which meant that the suggestion would get in line with other suggestions, which in turn would get looked at next year and after that year- its the next year that it might get implemented. The funny thing is, by the next year- the software would have changed so much as well as the industry- the suggestion became a mute point. I no longer work for that company, just so you know.


Pin Generator presents a very interesting user interface. The most interesting part is, while the interface is simple and clean, the underlying engine is powerful and specific. This simply means that the engine is being worked on with improvements and features being added and removed. There is a video I would love for you to see. Click Here or What I like about the video is that some of the most important aspects of the software were mentioned here. This is by no means a teaching review, but most so a high level observation of the product. 

Now about the source: | The programmer Ollie Boyershas a YouTube channel where he explains the software more in detail by video. No one video contains everything. I have worked with the software for a while now for the past three days. I have seen some results, which were impressions from yesterday. I am shocked because I really did not do anything, I feel- however it was enough that people are finding my account.

For those of you interested in more of my findings, I am going through the software step by step for my needs. If you want to follow along, then click here. I have something very special for you. As you know, I have not fully submitted my entire website to Pin Generator and for good reason. I have written a special PDF that I would like to share with you. In this PDF I share with you two things you must do before you start to utilize the PEN Generator, I kinda wish someone had told me. It’s nothing bad, or anything like that but I think if someone really thought about what I needed this software for I could have made better decisions on where and what to improve. The next thing was I found there were five additional areas of concern that any blogger should be aware of. I document that in this FREE pdf, for the asking. Now according to the FTC, I need to tell you that I have affiliate links here and should you purchase via my links I will receive commission. I want to be transparent in this area. Now, I have gone over the software and the two vital things that it will do for you.

As a refresher, the software will help you generate new pins, it will also schedule your pinning so you can relax and not have to be in front of or behind your computer 24/7. And lastly, there is my observation about members who get this product. I would like to first hand ensure that you hang around for a very very long time and I believe my supplemental PDF will ensure that you do.

Now, you can continue to pin manually which can be a pain in the neck or you can utilize Pin Generator. One of the features is its ability to automatically generate as many pins as you say you need in seconds. This feature alone saves you hours of work. And lets not forget the automation part of the software, where this employee works for you 24/7.

This employee does so very cheaply. It does not complain, does not take a break and does not eat all of the food in your house, let alone need medical care again, and again. This is your first and very best employee.

Learn How To Download PinX

Attention: You can get the PinX software by clicking the download button. There is nothing to purchase at this time, however the link is not going to last forever. Watch the video below for more information. This software was designed to fill in the very two problems indicated by users of Pin Generator that I though was very interesting. As I started using the software I too felt the need for the benefits PinX provides. I contact a programmer on Fiverr and here is the results of my efforts. I am giving the software away for a limited time only.





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