NinjaX Tools

What is NinjaX Tools?

For a while now, there has been a need for running in the affiliate marketing space, some new blood, some new ideas for products and rather for some other digital creator to fill that space, MailJam has from the beginning has done things a whole lot differently. To stand out from the crowd you have to. So, what are NinjaX tools? To explain, let me ask you a question? Do you have a computer designated as a server in your network or business environment? Because if you don’t, you might want to do so as soon as possible because NijaX Tools is centered around networking and digital tools that help administrators, not only manage their web server, but their word press environment without the use of plugin-ins.

WP Plugins Faults

A few days ago, I installed a WP plugin and it crashed my system. Has this ever happened to you? Well it happened to me all the time and you know why? Because I go that extra step to test them on my test sites and in the end, I am very disappointed. Do not get me wrong here because there are some awesome plugins, but some plugins are junk and for some reason, webmasters continue to pass along products that do not work which is one reason for the need of NinjaX. Tools that are run on a network server that manages a tiny aspect of my word press site.Additionally, this vector is not new in 2020 but in 2021, our NinjaX direction for the solopreneur will be the future. Let me ask you another question? Have you ever tried to contact support for a WP plugin that’s gone wild? Today, one of the first things that I do is contact the support staff to see if they are still alive and then I add this information to my contact tracing list, in the event that an update goes crazy. Backing up your website become critical, so we will focus on a mantra of procedures to follow that will make your site literally maintenance free.

Look Inside NinjaX Server

Running a server outside of your WP site is really no big deal. As a matter of fact, you may be wondering what kinds of things are done and why? The key to running a business is thinking outside of the box. Offering customers something new and different, that solves a problem.
Being diligent in your efforts and communicating your idea. Drawing the big picture for those interested to see and surprising customers and prospects with tools and ideas, never before thought up. NinjaX Tools is all about delivering upon our promise.

Make the best tools for ourselves and provide them as products to our customers. Today, computers are very inexpensive. As a matter of fact, 5/7 computers are running in idle mode unattended at home, doing nothing but sitting there awaiting their owner to pick up and tell it to do something.

We recognized that and decided to put machines like this to work. They perform various tasks of uploading or moving files at various times of the day just as if you were behind the keyboard (automation). We find and discuss FREE tools we find valuable and we also write WHITE papers on the subject in hopes of influencing others.

The best thing that a webmaster can do in the online business world is to learn PHP, HTML 5 or some scripting code because this is the language of the web. The problem is that webmasters are not either interested in learning more or would rather commission others to provide these unique tools. We understand but that has not deterred our mission. We find unique solutions that put our servers to work and we commission folks on fiverr to build products and provide services that support NinjaX. Readers ask, is there a desire or need for our tools? The answer to that question is yes.

NinjaX Tools Content:

For the initial $12.95:

  • NinjaX tools
  • NinjaX training video

For some of our customers, this is a no-brainer offer because for what you can do with these tools, makes for a better use of your resources put to work computing and task handling.

NinjaX Tools Upsells and OTO’s>

There is one Upsell or OTO’s (one time offer). We make it easy for customers to get some of our other products by offering a bundle package for an additional $15 (down sale $1) for which you get one or several products where we show our appreciation. Affiliates never offer bundles, but from our KDP marketing courses, it’s not only a way to attract more customers, but to get more sales later.

Who is NinjaX Tools For?

Our objective is to make tools that we use everyday and what we do for customers is to make it easy for them to do what we do. Our products are for webmasters who want to operate outside the box in a way that they understand technology. Our customers are marketers, new webmasters interested in the basics but do not want to spend a lot of time on WP plugins, but rather their own server environments. These are customers that understand that there are other ways to perform a word press backup, but also understand they are not C# programmers. So, if you are new to generating traffic, affiliate marketing, thinking outside the box, webmaster word press training and have a designated stand alone machine called a server at home then NinjaX Tools is for you.


There are hundreds if not thousands of niche sites on the internet. Our nich just so happens to be communications and server based products related. NinjaX Tools is a very unique Tool, made for webmasters who have the desire to learn marketing, networking, file sharing and automation as the cornerstone to webmastering. The idea is not to leave a machine idling, but to honestly put that machine to work performing tasks hourly, daily and with precision. WP plugin will continue to get a bad rap so as long as the developers who write them, decide to not maintain them.

NijaX Tools is something along those lines to be totally different. Our video training and the sex appeal of NinjaX tools will fill in the gaps for those webmasters of want to spend more time, doing outside the box as apposed to watching the success of others go by.

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