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There are plenty of autoresponders on the market today. As a matter of fact, one of the most popular autoresponders on the market now is Maijam. One thing that autoresponders today has taught us is that not all products are created equal.

The problem with most autoresponders are not in the operation of the product themselves, but more so in what you are paying for. Our research indicates that most autoresponder subscribers have little to no experience using them. The support for putting the product to work is good, but the community for those folks interested in generating an income from their system is either prohibitive or the knowledge base shares very little in what works or what does not work- in the area of MMOL.

Why Do You Need An Autoresponder?

Understanding what an autoresponder is, answers the question of why you need one. An autoresponder is a piece of software ( we like to call) a digital assistant. This digital assistant is responsible for performing administrative tasks, such as collecting leads, and keeping leads abreast of training and other tasks which includes communicating with leads on a regular basis. Without an autoresponder, the amount of your personal time dedicated to communicating with customers would be huge.

Who needs one?

If you are serious about your efforts to build a relationship with your audience and to make money online- an autoresponder is a must. Beginners and those marketers in any niche is the ideal client for having one. The most valuable asset in any business is your list. Building and maintaining, and growing your list is vital. To do so efficiently and quickly you need an autoresponder.

In this review we will talk about Mailjam- an autoresponder associated with a one time fee as opposed to a recurring fee. Your investment comes only once. There are no monthly or quarterly charges.

Digital Product Creation

Our review of Mailjam indicated a DIY opportunity for creating digital products for resell.
Mailjam templates are not everything for everyone. For example the templates inside mailjam are excellent for beginners to use. All you have to do is take the email template and edit the template look and design for your email campaign. However, there is an opportunity for any webmaster or systems administrator who desires to create their own products and that’s where YOU come in.

Using a simple email generation technique, new marketing email templates can be imported into Mailjam and used immediately.  For the DIY marketers who think out side the box, there is an opportunity to do some new for the Mailjam community. And that is create unique products for not only folks who use Mailjam, but for any one using an autoresponder. The emails sequences generated can be evergreen for any niche or much more specialized. The product create for Mailjam can see to it that some of the most popular niches that have nothing for beginners have available niche email sequences for them as well. Thus in buying Mailjam the product can literally pay for itself with profits by offering a variety of ready to use emails.

But that’s not all. With any email sequence, you need a squeeze page. And that page has to be tested and proven to convert. Mailjam provides a unique simple and easy to build and modify templates or make your own. Again, for DIY marketers who build digital products, this is your opportunity to bring new products to the market for sell in your blog, email marketing and online store. Its time to get buys with Mailjam.

What is Different

  • Mailjame Pro subscribes to unlimited subscribers and unlimited emails. What that means is there is no limit to the number of subscribers and of course emails sent out.
  • Mailjam is an all in one solution. Of course, email marketing provides a lot of success because Mailjam gets you a huge (return on investment) with your marketing efforts.
  • Mailjam has features that are unheard of. ie. Unlimited List Import. What that means is you can import your email list with no restrictions on quantity or the number of times. This feature alone makes it easy to move lists from the autoresponder system to another, very easily.
  • Mailjam has a subscriber management feature that makes it easy to send only to a sub niche of your subscriber base using tags. This is nothing new that the big boys already have, but for the tiny price of Mailjam- this is a game changer.
  • Mailjam works with every SMTp service out there. As a matter of fact, Mailjam setup is very easy to work with and understand, when you look at other autoresponders where your own domain name becomes paramount.
  • Let’s not forget Mailjam Deep Analytic which is very impressive. Unlike other systems, the dash board is very easy to read and intuitive. It shows you emails sent, lead generations, opens and clicks and a lot more.
  • Lastly, Mailjam has a complete media integration where you can send easily almost any images, files directly inside your email campaigns with optimized usage in a way that you want. Other systems make the task of sending files uneasy and unreliable, confusing. Not so with Mailjam.

Training & Ticketing

As a part of the Mailjam product, there is a help desk system available where your questions will be answered to as often as you feel necessary. There is also extensive training that demonstrates the key features of the product additionally there is an opportunity for all buyers to act as affiliates to reap the benefits and rewards by sharing your knowledge and experience. Because Mailjam is one of my primary autoresponders, the software is not only endorsed but we have developed products for Mailjam.

No worries we teach you how to build DIY email sequences that get results.

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