KDSPY Product Review In 2021 Updated for 2022

Updated: January 17, 2022


There are over 12 million people unemployed today. Our congressional representatives have done little to nothing to help people who are in dire need, which is why it becomes an important matter to DIY community. That’s right!

Do It Yourself (DIY).

For example, a few days ago my dryer stopped working. The machine is less than three years old and I purchased the machine in the summer at a time when there was unemployment in the household. The purchase was done so in a wise manner.

If you are a new blogger that has just gotten started, let me ask you a question. If your blog is making money right now? Because if your answer to this question during this hectic time is no, then listen up. If your blog is dependent on traffic to generate traffic out of the blue, well it’s going to take a very, long time for you to start to see any money following that plan. Bloggers who are unemployed seeking to make ends meet, need products to sell and the necessary directions for selling products. Most people understand that blogging is not a one trick pony.

As a matter of fact, the successful blogger has more than one blog. Does that make any sense? What that means is, to make money with your blog and a lot of it, your products have to either be or sell for as much to nearly half the typical mortgage or something close to it. Else blogging making less than the mortgage is simply a side hustle.

Let me ask you a question? Are you interested in kindle publishing? Now, if you have no idea what Kindle Publishing is, you may as well click away because anyone who DIY with digital products is fully aware that writing your own books or having someone do the heavy lifting while you dictate and manage kindle publishing is the way to the promised land. Why kindle publishing? The costs associated with starting an online business in the book publishing sector of our economy is very low. Getting started requires a computer, word processor, internet connection, a kindle publishing account and if you are lucky, the investment is some specialized software that will help you to steer your empire.

In this review, we will be looking at a product called KDSPY.

What is KDSPY?

KDSPY is a browser extension that provides the campus Kindle book publishers need to literally reverse engineer the bestseller categories on the Amazon Kindle platform. The software enables publishers to discover not only hot niche opportunities but it also enables publishers to find keywords and write books based on those findings. In a competitive book publishing market in a recession, publishers need an edge and the tool to provide intelligence is KDSPY.

How Does KDSPY Work?

The software allows you to spy on your competitors in a niche and in doing so, give you the keys to replicating that success. The software also retrieves the sales data of the top 30-100 bestsellers (searching for a specific) keyword and this research takes place in a matter of seconds. The results mean you know exactly how competitive a specific market is and whether to jump right in based on the demand for your book.

Spy On Others

KDSPY is a pretty slick product, because now it can analyze the author’s page and show you more information about their books, the sales ranks of those books and the revenue generated by those books monthly. Now understand you can easily perform this calculations yourself, but it might take you the battle half of the day to provide you with that intelligence which is really a waste of your time. Let the computer perform this task for you.

KDSPY Cost How Much?

KDSPY has cost as much as $100, but no worries. There are always discounts for the software under a single payment. There are no subscriptions or tiny hidden fees  whatsoever. As a matter of fact, the price includes free lifetime updates of the software and a satisfaction guarantee and you can purchase the latest software right here.

Before you purchase! Wait?

Lets talk about KDSPY installation? First off, most people user Google Chrome and Firefox. The Chrome version of this software can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. And the firefox version can be downloaded directly from the official website. You can drag and drop the file into firefox to install it. To update the product in firefox, you have to run updates. Understand there are no free trials and you will not need them especially for DIY because after running the figures myself under poor financial circumstances, it became very apparent upon first use- this tool is brilliant and it does exactly what it says it will do.

Who Needs KDSPY

If you have just started publishing ebooks on the kindle platform or have a desire to jump right in, this is one of the most important tools you should have in your arsenal. There is no doubt about it, because not having this tool will sincerely slow down your progress towards building a publishing empire. And having this tool will certainly allow you to grow exponentially.

Making Your Decision

Boy no means is book publishing easy! Book publishing falls dead square in the digital publishing niche. It is a niche that with skill and perseverance you will be successful. There is no one single road to success, there are many, many roads. Withered you want to strike it on you own and publish hard bound or soft cover books or ebooks in the form and digital files like .mobi or .pdf. Digital publishing means you are in complete control of the product. The money earned is either shared or 100% in your bank account depending on your needs or desired. The choice and the direction you launch forward is yours.

Product Bonuses

When you purchase KDSPY through my link, you will not only receive the software rather quickly but- unlink other reviewers. It’s my pleasure to offer something special that you will not find by any other vendor. All you have to do is email me your receipt and I will send you immediately to our KDSPY Backoffice portal where you will find NEWS, articles, blueprints and membership sites to publish ONLINE.  Amazon is not the only online platform and you can always publish independently and on the Kindle Platform at the same time for double profitability. send your receipt to customersrv[@]mailjamdigitalreview.com

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