Introduction: Custom Free eLearning Course Updated for 2022

Updated: January 12, 2022

Introduction: Custom Free eLearning Course


If you have a following or a large audience you want to grow your space to more than 15 people, then pay close attention. Obviously, the number is small here, but understand- that number will grow over time.

You can create a customer eLearning course for nearly free, but in doing so you will be required to put something into your profitable adventure. Yes, you can make money providing your audience with news, information and DIY projects in just about any niche. The media to deliver your message might include video, audio and visual graphics, most of which you can make yourself if you have the time.

For those of you who do not have the time, effort or talent- your best friend could be a freelance site like fiverr.

How To Create an eLearning Course

Now, before we get started, let’s look at a few questions that have been prepared that you might likely want some answer to, before we get our project off the ground. This approach is nothing special or difficult. The objective here is to look at what we have to deal with in a relaxed manner and tackle the big picture on paper first.

Step 1. Why and What is your Project about?

Simply put, the reason when you call your proposed idea a project is because we need to think about why we are doing this, what do we want to get accomplished and what’s in it for you? By answering these questions, yourself on paper- will make it easy to build a course.

Step 2. Gathering Materials?

Ask yourself, where would be the likely place to find all of the materials for your course? Your home work will probably first include the internet, various forums, user groups, YouTube and other social networks where prospects and customers might hangout. There your job is to discover what customers desire and what subject matter topics might interest people.

  • Notes | Cheat Sheet
  • Current training materials
  • Videos Tips | Tricks
  • Audio Recordings
  • Course Images

Step 3. Put your Topics in Order

The fun part has been accomplished, some people call this research. The idea here in step three is to produce a list of topics, but like a table of contents.

Step 4. Develop a Cohesive Course

While your table of contents is good, the order of delivery becomes important here. Most courses start out with an introduction and a comprehensive plan for the delivery of your message. Your audiences are stakeholders so you might want them to review, suggest any changes, and ultimately approve your course. The cost of your course is thought up here, but for the most part- the best way to grow your course is to allow customers a free taste in your presentation and in return a testimonial is welcomed. Once that’s done it time to input or import the contents into your content management system.

We have identified a few of our key areas for development which makes for delivering our course easy and in the best possible light. We are not doing anything fancy, but just gathering all of the relevant facts. Our presentation is going to focus on the following:

  • Graphics
  • Animation
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Interactions
  • Assessments

Let me explain. These are areas that will make or break our presentation. Now, there is nothing that says that our presentations have to be 100%spot on. The important thing is that we utilize these ideas for presenting our content is a way that makes perfect senses and that is enjoyable by our members. The preparation and delivery of our content is not for US. It’s for our audience.

There are so many wonderful niches, but the scripting and gathering of materials comes naturally. understand that you are the expert in the process. Your personality should come off in the delivery to the message.

Remember to include charts, infographics, or visuals online is easier to do every day, even for people who have no previous design experience. Some of the best free graphics tools include:
Canva: Create collages, charts, marketing promotions, or infographics with their easy-to-use software


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