How To Make A Bear Metal Backup | Windows 10, Linux, Apple – Server Edition Updated for 2022

Updated: January 17, 2022

Subject Matter: Emergency Support

Let me ask you a question? Have you ever experienced relying on your computer at an important time in your life, only to discover that your computer is not only inoperative, the machine will not only turn on, but the hard drive has crashed. The only audible sound coming from your computer is a series of quick successive clicks. That’s the sound of all of your hopes and dreams ending in a few seconds. The realization of learning about the news of your precious machines is that nothing on the computer was backed up. Your hopes and dreams have disappeared. ​In this review, we will look at Clonezilla and provide you with as much information that we tested and found very interesting.

Clonezilla has more options and its simplicity impressed me. You can backup a hard drive, side by side. You can also backup a hard drive to a network storage device, such as the FREE NAS which I tested. The FREE NAS system found on the internet for download an implementation is free and very reliable, easy to use and plays well with the plans of a systems administrator or webmaster.

It’s Too Late

Systems administrators and webmasters know the importance of backup and restoration software. As a matter of fact, before you can drive a car on the streets of Los Angeles or anywhere in the United States. You must have passed the motor vehicle rules and regulations as we as parallel parking and only having done so are privileged. The last first thing anyone thinks about after suffering a catastrophic event is why didn’t I backup my computer or server, phone etc. If you depend on a computer or server in your business and you have no data backup plan for success, then you are destined to fail. In this product review, we will look at an emergency solution that not not backups your computer but much, much more.

Data Continuity Plan

There are more than 20 software products on the market today that cost over $40 that can perform a few of the functions and processes found inside Clonezilla. Now, if system maintenance is a subject matter marketers have yet to encourage you to think about or even train you in come captivity, then this is a treat for you. Backup and restoration knowledge and education is not in the interest of marketers. There is no money in training you or teaching you, before the fact. Most businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs look for short term solutions which means its too late. A backup plan is not only implemented but practiced and tested on a regular basis. A schedule that’s arranged by you and on your terms.

What is Clonezilla?

Clonezilla is a free-open source disk imaging plus cloning application that runs (from|on) a USB drive or a Live CD. Of course there are not only several versions, for PC and Linux but the best part is the software has been around for a number of years, supported by a community of volunteers with vested interests in seeing this product succeed. Advanced features include a command line interface, very strong compression and encryption support and because the software runs live, there is nothing to install if you so wish.

Product Features

  • Here is a list of features of Clonezilla
  • 100% free to use and is open source
  • Reliable and very well established
  • Supports many file systems (NTFS, ext2, ext3, ext4 etc.)
  • Runs from a Live CD | Live USB
  • Allows imaging of individual partitions and full computer disk drives
  • Full support for encryption if you desire
  • Features a wizard style interface for beginners
  • Features a command line interface for ALL users

How do I get started?

The hardware required to get started is building a Live USB drive or a Live CD. That means you need a USB drive of a certain capacity and a blank writable CD. Once you have that covered the next thing you need to do is to go to the Clonezilla website and down the ISO and if you decide to generate a live USB drive, there are some additional steps to follow.

Once the ISO is burned to a disk starting Clonezilla means simple as inserting the live CD or the USB drive into computer/server. While the process of creating a live USB drive is what we decided to do here, the process was not that difficult and there were plenty of references and documentation for getting this process done.

For some people who have never created a live CD or USB drive it can appear to be difficult. For the experienced, it is very easy. Creating a LIVE USB drive or CD only has to be performed once. Assuming you have inserted the live median into the computer. Turn on the computer.

Now once the machine is booted and the “Clonezilla live” option selected the software will begin to load. Rather than go into this process step by step be aware of the supported training.

Who Is It For

The support provided by Clonezilla means that the product focus is not that of marketers, business for profit but entrepreneurs. The focus of this product is in providing the best reliable bare metal backup system as an open source project for everyone interested in controlling the destiny and direction of the software. This software is anyone looking for a solution that meets or exceeds the features and capabilities set out by the open source developers needed by followers.

Cost Factors

Product Cost: FREE

We have taken the time to make our FREE training for our readers to enjoy.

Training: FREE


Here are your download file links.

Tip: You should make a folder on your computer, download both files (balena and rufus) unzip in separate folders.

Bonus Products

Product Summary?

Clonezilla is the best free to use disk imaging and cloning tool, bare metal backup, and recovery product. It is a basic tool that can be used for personal, business use because this software is open source. ​Clonezilla has a great deal more options available which we did not cover here, but because of its simplicity impressed me the surprise in using this product will be your treat. This FREE software performed as advertised and we let you be the judge. There are a few products on the market that work similarly but do not have all of the features here. Give Clonezilla your best test and see for yourself exactly how this product shines.

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