How To Hide Pins On Pinterest Updated for 2024

Last Updated: June 5, 2024

Here is a question for you. Why on earth would you want to hide pinterest boards, let alone hide pins? Hiding means that you or the word press software does not see the board or the pin. But honestly, you want to hide pinterest images in blog posts. In doing so, you gain the upper hand, be it visually or via SEO.

New To Pinterest

For anyone reading this article and are new to pinterest, how to hide pins is what this blog post is about. But more importantly, in doing so- we also hide pin code. Pinterest is a visual system utilizing images you design according to pinterest specifications that you make yourself and these visual images are called PINS.

Making Pinterest Pins

PINS are easy to make when you want something that is general, but one thing that you will find out very quickly is that a PIN improperly designed for your website will make the contents go crazy, all over the place. This pin is visual, so the pin might be perfect for pinterest boards, so people can pick them out of a line up. But put that single pin in your blog post and it may not show up properly. In a few minutes, let’s talk about having your cake and eating it too.

Big oversize pins can make your website slow down inside the browser. That’s right, so when your browser reads the blog post, it quickly follows the html instructions. One of the instructions says, display the pin and send that html pin image to your browser.

But get this, just because your browser says to display the pin does not necessarily mean it has to, which is why inserting instructions in addition to the image that tells the browser not to load the image inside the browser means your website will be faster. But the double edge sword is that the SEO characteristics inside the pin can still reap its benefits, just as if the instructions to load the image were there. So, how does it work exactly?

You simply hide the pinterest pin from “humans” but pinterest of course will still see it. The nice thing too about hiding pins is that you can look at your keywords and improve them. For example, let’s say you have submitted a blog post 10 times and you have 10 pins for this one blog post. Well, it certainly would be nice to get some of that pinterest juice from the pin because you have added keywords to the pin already. Well, why not hide the pin and improve the keywords set aside for that hidden pin.

Pinterest Pin SEO Juice

That extra juice will get you a lot of traction. All you have to do then, is hide the pins while they still continue to do the heavy lifting for you. Still, how easy is the software to use? Well, let’s say that knowledge of CSS coding is not required. All you have to do really is grab the image code and copy and paste that code into the software, which will generate the necessary code.

The code generated is placed into your blog, in text mode or html mode.

Before you decide on the final code, you need to enter in your preferred keywords in a way that is natural and of course, you should not do any keyword stuffing but just know that keywords are important. You do not get a second chance to make a second impression so make it good.. The accumulation of all of the keywords in your pins, all hidden and being read by Pinterest gives the system a good idea as to what your blog post is about, thus sending traffic to there.

How To Determine If Hiding Is Working

Now, how the heck do you know that it is working? Well, first of all understand that just because you can see something does not necessarily mean that when something is hidden it is not working. Folks, understand that HTML is a programming language that the browser and bots read. The bots follow instructions and so does the browser, so when it reads a web page that has lots of images on it and the code tells the browser not to display the images, that means that the browser will have that and more memory available for doing other things.

If you have utilized the hide my pin software and you see that the browser does not show pins that you have hidden, then you know that the software has done its job. And so, there you go. The software will be updated on a monthly basis for the rest of the year. New options will be added as needed and you can offer suggestions if you would like.

Cost Of Downloading Pin Hiding Software

Now, to download your copy of Hide my pin, click the download button. You can also get news and information about this software when you get on the waiting list. How much does the software cost? Well, it costs me over $100 dollars to have it developed just myself, but for you on our list- will get the software at no cost. Subscribe to my newsletter or join my wait list. More information will become available.


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