How To Get Paid Inside Your Blog or eMail Updated for 2022

Updated: August 7, 2022


PayPal Alternatives To Use In 2021

Look, no one knows just how troubling it can be when you have put so much time and effort into your blog when after a while, all you hear are crickets. The trouble often appears to be your check out appearance and that’s where this blog post is going to help you by making sure your site is not relying on just one or three products and you checkout process is less robust.


Greetings and welcome. In this article we are going to skip to the chase and get right into the submitter. Let’s talk about PayPal Alternatives in 2021 and how we recommend the processes there. Before we get started, first let me ask you a question. Do you have a blog? If so, awesome because this information is for you. Do you have a storefront? If so, then information is for you? Is your blog making money? Then this is not for you. The focus here is for those system administrators and webmasters who are not making a dime. The idea here is for this article to pull everything together, tie a bow around it and let you be the judge.

In my previous posts, I talk a great deal about a system that other bloggers have no clue until later on which finally gets not only their books straight but their funnels straight as well. They say you need a funnel in your business and that is very true. But there are other products you need as well, such as an autoresponder to make all of this stuff come together. Just because you have one funnel that works, and a few others that are sort of working, does not mean- you are on your way. Far from it.




Buy Now Plus
Buy Now Plus

Get A Clue

Bear with me beginners. You face the biggest challenge which is making your first buck. In a book called The Green Vault, the traditional method of building a funnel is broken down and crushed, because rather than the entry into the funnel is your might and strength- the opposite end of the funnel is truer.

And for those folks that have reached this part in this blog, here comes the good stuff. There are more than 100 providers and platforms out there that will provide you with a system for collecting your customers money. Most of them are very good, others are either too difficult or time consuming. But if you start by creating a spreadsheet, with all of your assets (things) you want to sell, be it affiliate, or DIY products you make with a column for Original Price, Bundle Price, Sale Price and … you are on your way.

Face The Music

People love PayPal. Period. Why? Because it is easy to use, easy to understand and their support for automation is easy to understand. For those folks who prefer not to tinker with PayPal, there are plugins that perform all of the heavy lifting. There are simple things that you can do to facilitate your transactions as well. You can streamline your efforts but in doing so, you will take a hit for not knowing there are other secrets out there that you may or may not be aware of. PayPal has this thing called customer loyalty and that’s great. For other alternative PayPal platforms, they have to work much harder on average to steal that PayPal customer.

  • Our PayPal Alternatives
  • Google Pay
  • Stripe
  • Shopify Payments
  • Authorize .NET
  • Square
  • Skrill
  • Braintree
  • QuickBooks Payments

Detailed Research

There are plenty of facts and figures about each of these systems, as well as the pros and cons. But if you look at our explanation of the funnel and how our approach is best, you will see that the focus (again) is not at the time. There is a great deal of administrative (stuff) that has to be done to get your blog out of the (red) and into the black.

The year is 2021 and today, we are experiencing the highest unemployment rate in the United States since the great depression. The unemployment rate is so high that the likelihood of everything returning to normal will be as many as five years from now, simply because some people don’t believe in science. It’s another story that boils down to educational equality, knowledge across the board throughout the United states via our educational system and stuff like that. But right now, you probably want the real skinny. If you are looking for feel good theories as opposed to common sense then read on.

PayPal does not provide protection to sellers. Why? Because the stipulations related to the market for doing business with buyers put forth the requirement that when you offer a money back guarantee, that the buyer be made whole when they challenge the authentic nature of the product. Let me elaborate just a few minutes on this important point with some history. Five years or so, it was found that credit card holders were buying digital products, thus returning the product within a few hours of purchase. The protections offered by the seller were genuine. Try the product for 30 days and if you are not satisfied, ask for a refund. And thus the thieves took advantage and with no recourse, the sellers lost their IP (intellectual property).

Granted some of the products being sold were crap, but the fact of the matter is- in business you decrease your return by improving the product. That’s marketing 101. But still the process of online theft continued. The cost of the products were increased, thus the more costly the theft increased, the returns decreased- but theft continued. Affiliate platforms struck back at theft by banding together and sharing information. To purchase products on affiliate platforms, account creations securing the identity of the buyer become mandatory, so now when a buyer decides to return a product within a few days without giving the product instructions a try, not only was the account holder band from buying any product on that platform, but that share information made it nearly impossible for the buyer to go elsewhere to buy and steal.

PayPal saw as marketers streamlined their operations, increases in purchases. They were moving money for buyers and with buying comes complaints. The marketers failed to put into place a host of procedures to handle customer complaints, thus it fell on platforms like PayPal to hire more and more people every year. Enough is enough and soon, the ramifications came down and sellers accounts were frozen. Something you should be aware of:

  • PayPal has been known to freeze accounts for seven months or more.
  • PayPal will take its time moving your money
  • PayPal favors the Buyer Not the Seller (sometimes)
  • Lastly, are fee’s – some platforms are higher/lower
  • There are all considerations to take into account your choice of PayPal.

Magic Words

DIY stands for do-it-yourself which is a mantra for freedom. The protections offered by the words 100% money back today are being taken advantage of by thieves and to a certain extent the privileges of offering products over $100 without fighting with thieves is trusted in the words, digital product no refund. This had created a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to move forward without fear and for thieves to skip about to the next opportunity.

As you may well know, digital products can not be returned. Take for example, a photograph of an image, you pay for. If for some reason you want your money back after paying for the privilege of downloading the product, can you actually return the product once you have seen with your eyes, what the product entails? The answer is no. The statement embedded as a condition of purchase, no refunds, digital product can not be returned simply says it all.

From that moment on, thieves simply push ahead and of course the payment platform is not covered with rubbish as the final trading terms state no refund this is a digital product. A lot more can be said about these magic words, but again- there is no recourse and for those thieves who to no avail waste their time protesting-discover a rude awakening – as there is no recourse.

Different Path

Strip is a free exchange platform that was introduced to me a few years ago. Like PayPal, signing up was very easy. However, what was not easy was using their platform, but after much discovery and experimentation, another piece of the puzzle became apparent. Building a funnel from the backend first meant that the most difficult part had to be an easy assembly. Buy Now Plus truly made stripe much more digestible and instantly or insanely easy. Why?

The interface consisted of several fields. Terms | Price | Account | Mode. The fees associated with usage made all the more easy to digest and when you look at the bottom line – for what is being offered. Buy Now plus became the winner.

The process of using Buy Now Plus requires defining the product name. The price of the product as well as the credit card, choice of accepting the shipping address of the customer. The last and final piece of the puzzle is supplying both a delivery URL and a cancel URL.

Tip: The cancel URL can be used to recapture the sale. Maybe there was something about the sale that your customer may not have liked, so what you can do is reduplicate the initial sale by removing something from the sale or down grading the price. Removing something from the initial sale always works, for example maybe the customer is not interested in a free product that costs $200 as an incentive bonus. Remove the bonus and downgrade the price which oftentimes work.


If you are a new blogger and your desire is to turn your blog from red to putting money in your pocket (the black) then all you have to do is set up multiple funnels for products that either you have made yourself or by an affiliate. While I highly recommend that you create a DIY product that compliments your niche and puts more money in your pocket, it is vital that you start by creating a spreadsheet that documents your products, funnels and assets as a quick reference for inclusion anywhere you so choose. Brining more products to your customers attention will spur more attention and interest in what you have to offer.

The realization that you may want to spawn another blog will increase your chances of making more bank, if that is what you want to do. But understand that you will not become wealthy overnight and that your bank account will start to climb as you assemble more and more funnels, building an email list and nurturing your audience. The tools of the trade include an autoresponder, a blog and a niche that you care about to add content everyday and to answer questions and help people.

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