How To Build An Email List Super Fast With Many Hands Updated for 2024

Last Updated: June 5, 2024

Building A email List Super Fast

I was looking at a Raspberry Pie a few weeks ago. My friend Paul cared so much about technology that he purchased one just for me- a brand new top of the line Raspberry Pie for me. I hope to include a photo of this tiny computer. A Raspberry Pie is not only cute but it’s a very powerful computer that can do things. Lots of things as a matter of fact.

But that’s not what this blog post is all about. It’s really about how you can build an email list rather quickly using the hands of many other people, telling other people about your website.


Here is how:

I found while looking for an autoresponder a software kit called SpreadIT 1.0. The zip file contains 4 files including a read me. The license included says that I can do what ever I want to do with it, just so you know. I installed the script by making a directory on my website, dropping all of the files in a folder. I put a link according to the instructions which is a button on my blog post, it is set to hyperlink to .php file on my website.

Low and behold, I could now share the link or blog post with someone other than myself. I am 100% sure you will want to give this a try, so let me provide you with a button. Click the button below. At the end of this blog post, allow me to provide you with a new custom down you can use to grow your website traffic fast. Click the eMail Blog Post To…

 Calendar Scripts For Your Websites

I discovered a flaw in my plan to use this free script. Within say, a few minutes I figured out how to not only fix what I thought was the problem, but I decided to make it better.

Building A Business Using eMail

Building a business takes a lot of planning and fortitude. I have a lot of experience building word press websites. I am by no means an expert, but when I started working with email- the challenges were both big and small.



Do you have a specific need for your website? Are you actively looking into accomplishing the goals you have set for yourself and your blog? Well, that is exactly where I was until only a few days ago. The first thing I wanted to do, which I have experimented with long ago but not hard enough, was to find an inexpensive WP (WordPress plugin) that could handle my email requirements.

For some people, email can be super expensive and difficult to work with. The logistics can be horrible. Additionally, you should have both a primary and a backup system, just in case- something goes wrong. This is something that I learned a long time ago. It was costly, but its a rule that makes perfect sense.


The first and only system that I can honestly endorse today is the Arigato Mailing List Manager and Autoresponder. One thing that I look at moving forward to is the end. In other words, what do I want the end to look like.

The Arigato System

After installing the WordPress plugin, Arigato. Here is the menu created by the WP installation software. After installing the software and following the video, I was able to get my system setup rather quickly.

Well, this WP plugin- makes it a no brainer in the end to move from the free version to the paid version. The cost is not going to cause a stir and the product, while powerful, has a lot of features for which I don’t think I will ever use. But they are there should I need them.

The Arigato system was set up in less than 30 minutes and I was able to get an email out of it without a hitch. But there are a few other things that I have to mention that really makes setting up any business reliable and valuable and that is setting up dummy (real) email accounts for testing your systems. No matter what, you have to have a testing system or a real time system that enables you to see just what you need.

Shortcut To Multiple eMail Account Management

I am sure everyone reading this blog post has heard of Microsoft Outlook. Well, with outlook you have the ability to set up this software to use one- as many as you would like email accounts from one client.

What that means is, instead of logging into the email system setup via your cPanel- you can use thunderbird to access each email account. This all the email received and can be sent is under one room. I have a picture here of my thunderbird settings. I counted and I have 10 email accounts that I carefully put under one client, thus I can read email via any email address that I have setup. No more using webmail to access email boxes. It’s really a pain, or it can be for the unorganized.

But moving forward, thunderbird is the cat’s meow. Not only do I suggest that you think about it, but I insist that you download this free software and input all email addresses you have set up from your cpanel. You will be glad you did.

After that was setup, my next order of business was looking at a software called a PHP script by: I am not sure how this is related to Arigato, but somehow I came across a new script, something that I have always wanted to implement. See, to really be successful- a blog or website has to grow traffic. That means, collecting as many email accounts as possible. More so, collecting accounts of customers and prospects that have a common interest.

Now, that’s where my blog comes into play. Most of the people who read my blog want to implement their second or third website. But in doing so a few other details have to be worked out. One of the details is growing a list faster than ever. So how do you do that?

Adding value to one’s website is one way. There are many tips and tricks to doing this sort of thing. One way is to simply ask your audience to recommend people to come to your website. Another way is to simply provide everyone with a mechanism for making recommendations. Well, the PHP script I found read as follows:

Have you seen “send to friend” links under articles, products or pictures on some websites? SpreadIT will allow you to create your own on any site that you want. This will help you attract more visitors and sales.

SpreadIT is the simplest to use script that you have seen. It requires no installation or configuration. You need only to place a simple HTML link to it and that’s all. It just works.

You did not have to tell me once or twice, I installed the script- configured it and let the games begin. It worked as advertised HOWEVER I found some things about the product that I wanted to change for the better. Just so you know, I am building a membership site, so one of the biggest problems I face is implementing things that require a theme change. Well, for products that do suggest a theme change- I simply walk away from them. I learned a few weeks ago that if you do not have a knack for themes- leave them well enough alone else you could wind up losing your entire website and that’s exactly the bottom line what happened to me. It can be difficult to put things back the way they were, so I look for interesting ways to do things, or implement things differently.

The SpreadIT v1.0 script was designed to focus on sending the domain the user was on, when in fact if you were to run the script on another blog post or page, only the domain would be emailed. I looked at what I thought the script was doing and located the variable it was reporting the domain or page. I changed the variable to something fixed so I specified what I wanted to send. So for example instead of the script sending, I would custom tailor the script to report the specific page I wanted. So, if you were looking at “Get To Pump Up Sales Inside Your Website” that is the exact page that would be shared with the person you emailed, using the form.

Another thing that I did was to keep the code in place for the button. I wanted the button to be displayed a tad bit differently, via html code and CSS. Not being a knowledgeable CSS person, and knowing anyone who follows my lead- I wanted to provide a tool that simply did the job, faster using the existing code, both html and CSS. I was really satisfied with how that turned out.

Spreadit.php >spreadit-template.html => make change for link #1
Spreadit1.php >spreadit-template1.html => make change for link #2

Spreadit.php >spreadit-template.html => make change for link #3
Spreadit2.php >spreadit-template2.html => make change for link #4


So in other words make the URL changes in both the PHP and the HTML file and the relevant link will appear. In the PHP, be sure to point it to the correct .html file. Each php file calls the .html file. So you can easily put the script anywhere you want.

Here are the code changes. Change #1


Here are the code changes. Change #2

To make this easier, that script will have to be edited by hand or this could be automated. I prefer the automated method because it is easier to put the files where they need to go and make changes to the blog post or page quickly without having to stop and upload files, change files, etc.


In the weeks to come I hope to have a software program that can be used to create more custom scripts to generate traffic, build a list at the same time. This is the primary reason for utilizing the free php script. Being able to edit the script was just a bonus.

Food For Thought: Conclusion

If you have multiple dummy email accounts, how do you read the emails associated with each account? Are you using Microsoft Outlook? Not a lot has ever been written about reading emails from one client, not even Microsoft. So, if you are not reading or paying attention to your emails- do so from one client that will enable you to command everything from one platform/software.

Using existing traffic to help build your traffic is ingenious. The thing about the script is, the emails are not collected or added to our system. We only get new subscribers if your friend after checking our website via you suggestion will be get a signup.  SpreadIt 1.0 is simply a software program through the generosity of you who ask other people to check out our website.

The Arigato system is easy to use and does a very good job. Once you install and try this product you too will agree the pro version is worth every penny, so check it out and be sure to install the software- there are no nag screens and the software is a pleasure to work with. Be sure to check your subscriber database, to see how many folks have signed up to your newsletter or bought any of your products.

Lastly, here is the new SpreadIT 1.0 Click here to download.

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