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Updated: August 8, 2022

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Greetings and welcome to the longest introductory series for a blog submission utilizing Pinterest for traffic generation. For a long time now, I have been looking for a way to introduce digital product developers and DIY (Do It Yourself) folks interested in making money online with something new, something very different- something exciting and wonderful all at the same time. More importantly, the idea for me was leading and building a business from the ground up and making a success of it very quickly.


There are millions of ways to make money online. My audience knows that, and for those of you in a hurry, be prepared to throw lots of money to do it faster, do it bigger and to do it without thinking. Several years ago, (three to be exact) tool bars are the cats meow. The tool bar was designed to make it easier for folks interested in making money online easier. But more importantly, it was a way to find the resources needed much faster. The pros of the toolbar really outweigh using any of the other stuff out there (bookmarks). The problem with bookmarks is that the links are not specialized enough and quick focus, attention to detail and being straight forward with using only those resources (focused) to get the job done. Hi, my name is Victor Walls Jr. and this is my story.

There are good programmers and then there are people like me who like to hang out and do stuff but programming is not one of the. In the online world the DIY (Do it your self) folks are confronted with problems we believe we can solve. But often times we need help to push our way forward. That’s where websites like Fiverr come in. They supply the talent and I provide the vision.

Now, I never knew that my idea would turn into something called a business until covid-19, a pandemic that has hit people all over the world, killing and causing people their income. Americans like myself have had to think out side the box and do something.

Look, the shift from working outside the home has become all the more important to working inside the home. People are looking for other opportunities, because with the slowness of the government it may take 100 years for anything to get done because relief is needed today, not tomorrow or weeks and even months from now. In the months to come the focus will be on toolbars that focus on more upcoming projects. My FREE is free. There is not installation and the software will run on a windows environment so, for the Apple-MAC folks, you are being left out.

What My Toolbar Does

MTB is helpful in several ways. Your focus is kept on Pinterest when it involves research and actives that move you forward as apposed to making you stop or move backwards. The software can be anywhere on your computer. This is the ultimate tool for anyone who relies on generating pinterest traffic. Are there toolbars for other niches? The answer is yes and when you signup for our beta program members are welcome to DOWNLOAD and try them.

MTB remains free for a limited time, so you must act now.

  • Pinterest Productivity Toolbar
  • Bloggers Toolbar
  • Make Money Online
  • Digital Products Toolbar
  • Product Launch Toolbar
  • eBay | Buy & Sale
  • Book Publishing

The idea here is to develop specialized products, communicate with customers and find out what they need or would like. Now, on that note download MTB and get on board.

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