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Last Updated: October 4, 2022



Digital Product: eMail Template | Flash Sale

eMail Template Product Description:

This email template is designed to help you on so many levels but most importantly to keep new clients engaged. That means you want customers really reading your emails. We make it easy. Just fill in the blanks, then paste them into your favorite email autoresponder system.

And you’re done! It’s written to relay product information to perspective clients interested in delivering an email sequence. You get a 5-day email sequence that is optimized for client engagement so you get replies from prospects that want what you have to offer.

The email sequence here is designed to develop a relationship, gather sales and develop trust. Email conversion is priority because its the fastest way to connect with your audience after which the money isn’t too far behind and in the end- you have a buyers list you can market to again and again.

Your products offered can be digital products or digital courses in education and training. Did you know that, when potential customers join your email list you know that having an emails very important. It’s like someone being invited to come over to their home where the front door is left open. Their expectations and perceived notion of being under welcome are shatter by the warmth and attention to detail you give.

When you purchase these sequences you will enjoy your autoresponder finally doing a wonderful job on auto pilot and finally seeing exciting results. You will receive a zip file containing a PDF of your email template, complete with instructions on how to the use your product purchase. Bonuses are included with this product and will be available and received via email. If you have any questions we can help you.

Here is a list of additional product titles:

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Welcome eMail Scripts
eMail Nuture Script Sequence
Promotional eMail Sequence
Flash Sale eMail Scripts
Successful eMail Templates
Launch eMail Rotator Sequence
Cold Subscriber Re engagement Templates
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Done For You eMail Product Promotion

Product Bonuses

All you have to do is email me your receipt and I will send you immediately to our Backoffice portal where you will find NEWS, articles, blueprints and our membership sites and two software bonuses. Remember to preform step #2 below.

Easy Checkout

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Step #1: Click Buy Now Button!

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payment is confirmed. Here’s how.

Step #2: Reminder – Extra Bonuses – Remember to!

eMail your receipt to customersrv[@] To get your special product bonuses as promised. The price of this product can change at any time. Every effort has been made to ensure the product description usage and price are clear. Buy in confidence and we will see you on the inside.

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